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This page is a list of Daily National News articles and does not neccesarily reflect the opinion of Greater Atlanta Pentecostals and Pastor Mark Herrington
In life, we face many obstacles and ups and downs. What we learn and how we deal with them makes us who we are. Jessica Cox was born without something many of us take for granted. Her story about overcoming obstacles in her life is very inspiring!
Microsoft seems to believe that their popular open world building game "Minecraft" has a huge potential in education. This belief is apparently fuelled by actual experiences of classroom teachers who have used or are using the game to foster creative thinking and help kids in class learn better through technology.
For many who still believe that marriage is defined by God as one man and one woman, Friday's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to arrogantly redefine the institution came as no real surprise. Nevertheless, no matter how deliberately we may have prepared our hearts for this day, it is still just as heartbreaking and every bit as egregious.
After what happened in last week's season premiere of CBS' hit science-fiction TV drama series "Under the Dome," the residents of Chester Mill are back to where they started although things are expected to be never be the same again.
Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has imposed same-sex marriage upon every state in the nation, it would be wise for each of us to think through this issue a little deeper. And so here are 20 questions for anyone who supports this newfangled definition of marriage:
Earlier last week, it has been reported that the upcoming season 5 of ABC's hit fantasy TV drama series "Once Upon A Time" will be introducing a handful of Camelot characters like King Arthur, Merlin and Guinevere.
The Satanic Temple is searching for a new home for its 9 foot Baphomet monument that was originally crafted to stand alongside a Ten Commandments statue on Oklahoma's capitol grounds after both were barred from the area by a state Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday.
It seems like something's not good is going to happen between Jay Ryan's Vincent and Kristin Kreuk's Cat in this week's episode of the CW's hit supernatural TV drama series "Beauty and the Beast."
Tim Mahoney's ground-breaking documentary "Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus," which examines evidence of the biblical Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Aug. 4 through Capitol Christian Distribution.
Have you ever been in a car with someone who is looking for a specific broadcast on the radio? While constantly adjusting the frequency, he cocks his ears and listens carefully. Station after station is rejected until he hears the familiar voice he's been seeking.
UFC President Dana White has told Cuban middleweight fighter Yoel Romero to keep religion and politics at home, after Romero thanked Jesus Christ following his win over Lyoto Machida in Saturday's UFC Fight Night 70 event in Hollywood, Florida.
NBC's hit (yet recently-cancelled) psychological thriller TV drama series "Hannibal" is now moving forward towards the midpoint of its third and final season. But before the show will finally say goodbye from the small screen, a report indicated that fans should be better prepared for what Episode 7 might bring.
After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last Friday that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to get married, Chief Justice John Roberts and many others have argued that the reasoning used by the court to justify the right to same-sex marriage gives "no reason" why plural unions should be banned.
Fans may have already known what is really going on in Fox's hit TV series "Wayward Pines." Revealed by Toby Jones' David Pilcher, it was found out that Ethan (Matt Dillon) is in fact living in the titular town that exists over 2000 years in the future.
Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis group is continuing its lawsuit against the state of Kentucky, accusing it of violating First Amendment religious freedom rights by denying its Ark Encounter project participation in the state tax incentive program because of its insistence on religious preference in hiring workers. The state is arguing that the Noah's ark theme park would be an evangelism tool.
It is easy for us to point out those living in an area with without proper education. People tend to jump out and blame the parents. But can we really blame parents if they are working 60 hours a week and making minimum wage? This teacher took notice and decided to do something incredible.
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice has been going to church while in prison and praying for an early release, according to excerpts from her diary.

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