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This page is a list of Daily National News articles and does not neccesarily reflect the opinion of Greater Atlanta Pentecostals and Pastor Mark Herrington
Our largest expenditure each year, by far, is the share of earnings that goes to our national government. Like me, you probably carefully consider how to spend each available dollar left over after taxes.
The recent events surrounding the court case against a Christian-owned bakery in Oregon are so surreal that they almost defy imagination.
"Total War" is adding a new game to the series, entitled "Warhammer" and its announcement was made through the release of a new cinematic trailer. The computer strategy game is being developed by The Creative Assembly, a UK-based game developer.
"Destiny" game developer, Bungie, has revealed more details about its upcoming DLC "House of Wolves." The upcoming DLC pack promises something that will "change the way the game is played" according to a report in Tech Times.
Sony and Marvel's reboot of the "Spider-Man" film franchise has not yet found its title star. It however has a confirmed director on board, in the person Drew Goddard. Goddard will also write for the film.
The British Broadcasting Company confirmed last Wednesday that it is developing a 90-minute documentary drama on the controversy behind the development of the "Grand Theft Auto" series. BBC also announced that "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe has signed on with the project, together with actor Bill Paxton, according to reports.
One certain aviation technology expert claims to have an idea of the location of missing Malaysian Flight MH370 and is pleading to public to donate to him and his crew to commence the search operation.
Investigations have been launched at two universities over accusations that fraternity members taunted wounded war heroes, urinated on an American flag, and spit on a wounded veteran and his service dog in Panama City Beach, Florida.
Our culture is obsessed with youth. Stores are flooded with products promising better health, fewer wrinkles, and a trim physique. However, these will only touch the surface of our aging problem. Unless death intervenes, growing old is inevitable. Living old, on the other hand, is a choice.
Just look at the Export-Import Bank, which is even older than the USDA crop control program, though it is just as dysfunctional and unfair.
Although the American Sociological Association has promoted the idea that there is no harm done to children raised by same-sex parents, a traditional marriage activist blogger, who was raised by her lesbian mother, asserted on Friday that there is no such thing as an "intact household" for a child raised by same-sex parents.
It seems that, other than sin itself, two things feel dirty to 21st century Millennial Christians: money and politics. It's as though money can only be touched by fingers sticky with greed and politics can only be entered by lives stained with power and corruption.
The third season of the hit historical TV drama series "Vikings" concluded with jaw-dropping events and the succeeding chapter is said to bring forth more twists and interesting storylines.
In a media interview, former track and field Olympian athlete and television star Bruce Jenner revealed not only that "I'm a woman," but also that he is a "conservative Republican."
In anticipation for Rocksteady Studio's upcoming video game "Batman: Arkham Knight," developers announced the official minimum system requirements for players who opt to play the said title on their PC (via PC Gamer):
Those countless tech rumors saying that Samsung may release their next Gear product wearing a round face can now be finally validated.
A church in California will be mobilizing an estimated 10,000 volunteers to perform over 400 charitable service projects over the course of 48 hours, estimated to be worth over $2 million in billable labor and material.
At least 2,000 people were found dead as of early Sunday, the day after a 7.9-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal's congested national capital of Kathmandu and other areas. International Christian groups were gearing up to respond as tens of thousands spent the night outdoors in cold weather.
Fundraising site GoFundMe has closed the account that was set up to raise money for Aaron and Melissa Klein, Christians and former owners of a bakery in Gresham, Oregon, who were ordered by a judge Friday to pay a fine of $135,000 for declining to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian marriage ceremony.
What may have been the most diverse gathering of activists ever in Washington, D.C., gathered Saturday to "March for Marriage." While the rainbow is often used as a symbol of diversity for the Gay Rights Movement, an impressive array of racial and ethnic backgrounds were evident among those united to defend marriage.

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